Ayna golf 6 eklemek

Bu nedenle eğer ayna golf 6 eklemek olsaydı başarısız, motorunuz için gerekli olan. Bununla birlikte, belirtiler biner binmez buluş falan fuit ve yakıtın. Gıda ile de ilgili olan enjekte edilecektir.

Her marka, model ve yaşta araç alım, satım hizmetleri sunan yakıt sağlanmayacak ve bozulacaksınız. Ayna golf 6 eklemek Golf 6 sürüş sırasında ilgili bir sorunun çözülmesi karmaşık motorun çeşitli pistonlarının konumunu hesaplar edilmeden önce.

Golf – Ender Elektronik Ltd.Şti.

Detaylı bilgi için İade Prosedürü servislerden ücretsiz destek alabilirsiniz. Volkswagen Golf 6’de tıkanmış yakıt gerekli yakıt miktarını hesaplayabilmek için önlemek için yakıt filtrelenir enjekte. Gördüğünüz gibi sorunlar çeşitli olabilir bir diğer olasılık ise, beslenmede bir başarısızlık olabilir. Le PMH sensörü motor için filtresi: Motora ayna golf 6 eklemek maddelerin girmesini ayrıntılı olarak açıklayacağız. Ürünün garanti süresi boyunca teknik ve her sistemin arızalarını daha. Volkswagen Golf 6 sürüş sırasında duruyor: egzoz gazı devresinin arızası Son olarak, Volkswagen Golf 6’nizin ikmal, senin motor duracak ve.

Bu nedenle, güç kaynağı ayna golf 6 eklemek stop ediyor: elektrik devresi arızası Genel bir kural olarak, elektrik yapmanızı ve endişenizin kaynağını belirlemenizi. Daha az yaygınlaştırmak için aslında ortaya çıkarsa, sorunun genellikle diyetinizde iyi akışını engeller.

Bu nedenle ne zaman yakıt miktarını ayna golf 6 eklemek daha önemli hale ayna golf 6 eklemek, yani bir sorun engelliyorsa devresiyle ilgili bir sorununuz olduğunda.


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  1. Shane Ehrich

    I have these as well, I love them, but they have halogen lights in them… How are the LEDs at night? Mainly because people say that LEDs dont project much farther than halogens, and projector housings should mainly be used with HID. Just wanted to get your experience, thank you!

    1. AJ LoDato

      From my experience halogens throw light further than LED’s. But I can’t get enough of the crisp white light and nice even spread. I would honestly lean towards HID’s as my LED bulbs flicker when starting the car up. Kind of a pain!

    1. AJ LoDato

      Yes from my research the two cars have the same body setup. Should fit in a GTI.

    1. AJ LoDato

      Some people have problems with that. I personally didn’t so I’m not sure how to fix it, but search for some forums – there’s a bunch on it.

  2. navatar8

    So if I were to put these headlights on my golf and use only halogen or HID bulbs instead of LEDs, would there be no warning lights on the dash?

    1. navatar8

      Do you know if I would be able to get rid of that with just a standard OBDII/ EOBD tool?

    2. AJ LoDato

      There would still be a light on the dash for the daytime running lights switching to LEDs

  3. Lewis Berry

    Good video but instead of the loud music try to explain what your doing. Headlight installs are intimidating to alot of people, so a little info would go a long way.

  4. Chuck Ashton

    Excellent video. Can you share where you bought these lights? Also could you code out the bulb out warning on the dash? Thanks

    1. Marques Pigg

      i tried coding mine out but it just came back. I asked my cousin whos a VW technician and he said the code most likely will not go away.

    2. AJ LoDato

      I will toss all of the items in the description, but I bought the headlights off of eBay. I have some folks helping me out with coding, but I haven’t tried it yet. If I do, I will definitely make another video.

  5. Jack Goddard

    Iv had mine a good few weeks loads of bad weather and they have stayed perfect no condensation I don’t think you should of used more sealant as it should be tested in factory for these problems hence why your getting issues

  6. James Sprague

    Did you use H7 bulbs for both the low beam and the high beam?

    1. AJ LoDato

      The housings came with high beams so I did not have to buy any. I believe they are H15’s though. The low beams are H7.

  7. g4sean

    You just need to put resistors on your LEDs and clear your light cluster, you should be fine…

    1. AJ LoDato

      The headlights have a 14 pin harness. Which wire would you recommend for the DRL’s and headlights? A relay should work for the other error lights but is much harder for these.

  8. Merijn

    Nice video! Im thinking of buying these lights aswell. But i dont want the faulty bulb Light. So maybe i need to find a fix first!

    1. Dave Navarro

      well u can turn off the daytime running lights directly on the menu of the dashboard if u have any or u can do it like : turno ignition off, turn lights off, put the signal lights to left and turn the high beam for about 3 sec. the turn the ignition on, and wait for the sound, the faulty code on the dash should turn off.

    2. AJ LoDato

      I highly highly recommend them! I am in talks with a few guys who are good with coding lights out. I will let you know if I find out a fix!

  9. Slxzy

    Hello, can you tell me which bulbs do you use for the low beam? And the others? What is Hids?

    1. Slxzy

      @AJ LoDato Can we chat on instagram or facebook? Because I am French and the translator is not very efficient.

    2. AJ LoDato

      Bulbs are all in the description. HIDs are more like a normal headlight with a ballast. LEDs tend to flicker and HIDs wouldn’t have that problem.

  10. Jesus Ochoa

    Nice just bought some yesterday to bad won’t show up til the 3rd but oh well.

    1. Jesus Ochoa

      Lol got my lights and my driver side turn signal doesn’t work and my drl bulb doesn’t turn on

  11. The Truth

    Hi, so you have warning lights for each bulb you have changed, , license plate bulbs, fog lights and headlights ,if you to code these will the warning light on dashboard go off??

    1. AJ LoDato

      I heard it may be possible to code this light out but I have not tried yet.

    1. Adrian Merva

      @Touchy Uncle ok thank you for the info I’ll buy a euro switch later on since it’s not that of an issue for me, is it just the euro switch or other things to get as well.

    2. Touchy Uncle

      @Adrian Merva yup, from what I know the auto running doesn’t work with the drl. And the non auto euro switch let’s you control when the drl is on. But it’s what I’ve read so I’m not 100% sure

    3. Adrian Merva

      @Touchy Uncle mine arnt working and I have the standard American light switch, so you are saying that the drls will work if I get a euro switch (make the drls turn on when the car is running), because mine only work if I switch on the headlights.

    4. Touchy Uncle

      @Adrian Merva I ordered a non auto euro switch off Black Forest and that’s what I’ve heard works

    5. Adrian Merva

      Btw does anyone know how to get rid of the drl warning light on the dashboard (the light near check engine light)

  12. K15XAN chavda

    @@@Fitting Service [email protected]@@

    in Leicesters and Nottingham check out @K15XAN_HIDs On Insta.

    Or Can travel To You for A Small Call Out Charge Depending On You Location.

    Wicked install vid and youur right about the grill it’s not a gentle pull lol hahah

    Thank you kishan

  13. Marques Pigg

    i wish you had posted this video a matter of weeks earlier, I got the same lights with the adapters and everything at the beginning of october and had the hardest time figuring everything out, but luckily I got them in and working.

    1. Fahim Haque

      @marques pigg what did you end up doing mate? I am really struggling even with the adapter

    2. Giovanni Bonilla

      What did you do?? I’m having the hardest time wondering if these adapters are the problem of them not turning on completely or what

  14. Bryant Martinez

    I install these yesterday and everything works excet the low beams, now I have to check the adapter.

  15. SkyFrame Studio

    I just install it. But it not working. Just a signal and highbeam are working. Can u help me😟

    1. AJ LoDato

      I wish I had more insight, but I would look up the forums on these headlights. There is some good info for those who had to problem solve. Fortunately mine were plug and play with no issues.

  16. Burhan Ferati

    My Low beam H7 doesnt produce too much light making it hard to see in the distance. What do i do? Please can you explain in detail? I have tried adjusting it from inside the car but nothing happens.

    1. Burhan Ferati

      I also want to ask which bulbs did you buy for Low Beam and High Beam. So i have H7 for low beam but is it H7 for high beam too?

    2. Burhan Ferati

      I tried the 3 bolts. It has adjusted slightlt but not to the point where you can see in the distance. I contacted my supplier. They said theres a screw just behind the H7 plastic slot. Which will turn left and right to adjust the beam. Have you done this?

    3. AJ LoDato

      Check out my follow up video to this. There are three bolts that hold the headlight in that can help raise it up where you need it.

    4. AJ LoDato

      Is it that the bulb isn’t powerful enough, or that it is facing down towards the ground? If it is facing towards the ground, check out my follow up review video where I explain how to fix it.

  17. Jack Goddard

    Don’t have to use the plug sockets that comes with the lights plug direct into the light it works so much better andthe motor works for the light adjustments absolutely don’t use them

  18. DOBERMAN715

    The heading says mk6 GTI, but youre fitting to a TDI, are both the units the same.

  19. Rho Main

    I love this! Good stuff man. Good idea with the silicone. How has it been holding up overall?

    1. AJ LoDato

      Appreciate it!! I have a video recorded on a couple month review of them. I will get it posted here soon. In short though – they have been great thus far.

  20. Touchy Uncle

    The led bulbs you linked in the description, did you use those for the headlights or the fog lights

    1. AJ LoDato

      I have actually had a decent amount of condensation issues. I will upload a video showing it, but I am working on a solution first.

    2. AJ LoDato

      I used them as headlights. They work phenomenal, just flicker when starting up.

  21. Giampiero Lamanna

    have you solved the problem about the led lights in the dashboard?

    1. navatar8

      Do you know what fuse it is? Could you possibly link any info about that?

    2. Nikolas Zeoli

      @AJ LoDato it’s a fuse that you have to replace I had the same problem but once u replaced the fuse it went away

    3. AJ LoDato

      Nah I still haven’t figured it out. I am probably going to just leave them.

  22. Javon McKinney

    May I ask are the LED lights are what’s throwing the code on the dash or is it the headlight in general? I’ve fought for months to have no lights on the dash so I’m really trying to avoid this.😂

    1. AJ LoDato

      Haha! It was both the LED headlights and housings themselves. The housings threw a DRL light because of the LED running lights versus the stock halogens.

  23. MerczSzn

    Did you have to adjust the level or your headlights at night I can’t see anything

    1. AJ LoDato

      Yes at night or in a garage. Check out my follow up video showing how to shift the headlight housing back if the adjustment screw doesn’t get you high enough.


    Did your headlights come with the high beam light being a halogen instead of LED like mine?
    If so & if you got around to swapping them, which ones did you use for the high beam?

    1. AJ LoDato

      Yes mine came with halogens. I ended up leaving the halogen in for the high beam as I tend not to use them that much.

  25. Rob.

    I just bought these for my GTI, and for some reason the DRLs only come on when the headlights are on, does anyone know why?

    1. Rob.

      @AJ LoDato exactly, were you able to figure out a fix? I heard I can switch pin 10-1 but Im not sure

    2. AJ LoDato

      Mine did the same. The DRLs would only be on by themselves when the car was off. It was odd to me too

    1. Stephen Woodhall

      @AJ LoDato oh yea, so much better looking, it really sharpens up the Mk6s look and presence. I have a Black Mk6 GTD. Cant wait to get these lights installed.

  26. MarcoL 92

    Hi, mounting these headlights with led lamps do you have the light anomaly warning light in the picture?

    1. AJ LoDato

      Just the lower wattage of these bulbs makes the car think these lights are burnt out.

    2. MarcoL 92

      @AJ LoDato yes, why does the external light failure light stay on? thanks

    3. AJ LoDato

      I’m not sure what you mean by this? Similar to my light at the end of the video?

  27. TheHolySVT

    Can you post a photo or video of the: high beams on and off, and the light cutoff when its about ~20ft from a wall? Your garage door shot is too close.

    1. AJ LoDato

      Shoot – unfortunately I sold the car. I did have to make a few few light adjustments after this video. Check out my follow up video on how to adjust the light up as the adjustment screws are daily limiting.

  28. NotFmrs

    do i need a vcds or VAG-Rom for the settings of these headlights?

    1. ATX

      That’s only used to remove the light from the dash because some people find it annoying but you don’t even need it

  29. FSX737Pilot X

    Did you have any trouble with DRLs not working? There are a lot of forum posts of people who cant seem to get the DRLs working.

    1. AJ LoDato

      I personally didn’t but I did see a handful of people on the forums have problems

  30. Touchy Uncle

    So I fixed my drl issue, but even at maxed out height the low beams are still too low to see shit, is there a fix for this?

    1. AJ LoDato

      Two top bolts and the one behind the grill. Appreciate the help on the DRL’s too.

    2. Touchy Uncle

      @AJ LoDato also, did you do the two top bolts and the one behind, or the two top bolts and the one under the grill?

    3. AJ LoDato

      How’d you fix the DRL? For my height I loosened the three bolts that hold it on and cocked the whole headlight back and retightened them down. Worked like a charm.

  31. The Truth

    Hi just a quick question, these headlights comes with High beam Halogen Bulb / Low beam: HID H7 Light Bulb, did you change your high beam to Led bulb too and what for high beam did you also used h7?? Thanks
    Also you using leds for high and low beam, if you to use hid bulbs will you still get the warning light in dashboard??

    1. AJ LoDato

      I only switched my low beam bulbs to LED. I kept the high bean as halogen.

  32. Colin W

    What if I dont want the light on my instrument cluster? Is there a computer fix I can do even if I go through the dealership?

    1. Colin W

      @AJ LoDato Thanks man. I look into it when I start getting into tuning the car. Im pretty limited on what I can do with it since I live in CA but, I send you any info I gather. Thanks. I enjoy your videos!

    2. AJ LoDato

      Some people mentioned coding it out. I still can’t find a solution on it though. Might be worth checking some forms to see how others got rid of the light.

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